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Alfred Zacher


I hold an undergraduate degree from Antioch College and a master's degree in economics from the University of Michigan.  I have studied social movements and political trends for over forty years and spent ten years researching and writing my first book Trial & Triumph:  Presidential Power in the Second Term, which included a special tutorial at Indiana University.

I became interested in the presidential second term when i read a review of Henry Adams' The Administrations of Thomas Jefferson, in which Adams described Jefferson's troubled second term.  The plights of both Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were still vivid memories, and I recalled clearly how his court-packing effort plagued Franklin Roosevelt in his second term.  I questioned whether there was something about this time in office which deserved examination. And so the study began.

President Bill Clinton read the book and commented on it during his first press conference after being reelected. Clinton stated that, at first, he approached the book with some trepidation.  On reading it, he found three major challenges of the second term:

  • Unexpected external events occur that the president cannot resolve.
  • The president pursues a mandate that is not supported by the public and finally
  • The president just runs out of steam.

As a result of Clinton’s remarks, I was interviewed on the TODAY SHOW for Clinton’s Inaugural. I also appeared on Chris Mathews, again for Clinton’s Inaugural, as well as for the impeachment hearings. I was also interviewed on C-SPAN’s BOOKNOTES. In addition, I have been quoted in the New York Times, Scripps Howard Newspapers and various other media publications.

I have now updated my book with chapters on William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush, a revised “Conclusion” and “Epilogue” on President Obama with the new title PRESIDENTIAL POWER in Troubled Second Terms.

I have been in the practice of industrial and commercial real estate for fifty years in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  My wife Hannah and I are the parents of two children and have six grandsons.


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